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I want to sing with purpose; I want my music to inspire.

Brittany is a folk/soul/pop, singer/songwriter. She began her career in music in 2014, just shortly after she began. "Free Birds", her first EP, was produced in São Paulo, Brasil by Ton Molinari. Everything escalated quickly from there. "Merman," her second release was a fan favorite and received honorable mention and top ten out of thousands in the Unsigned Bands Competition. In 2016 in a talent search across America, she was top 10 out of 715; however decided to turn down the record labels deal. "I'm going to sing and whether it's on your stage now, or on a bigger one two years from now, I'm going to do this the right way. This is my music." Brittany said to the label who refused to budge. Brittany has often been compared to a mix between Amy winehouse and Adele, but she always says that she just sounds like herself. Her goal is to write music that makes people think and feel in a way that moves them to something greater. She hopes to make music that will inspire and pull out the gold in others.



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I Shall Climb This Mountain

by Brittany Pfantz