Finding My Niche- Part I


 WELCOME to my first blog post where I may share TMI, may not.

I'm going to begin blogging my story bit by bit, some stories, some poems, some failures, some victories, some laughs, and some tears.  I have so many words and stories exploding inside that need to come out!  I will start from when I didn't sing at all and wasn't sure what the heck I was going to do with my life and catch you all up to the most current!

Life has been crazy the past four years.  I've traveled many places, changed my career path, and began pursuing my wildest dreams (that I didn't even know were inside of me). 

Facebook reminded me that 3 years ago today I performed one of my original songs for the first time ever.  I described it like this: "It made my heart come alive.  It feels like I've found a missing puzzle piece that's always been right in front of me."  Exactly a year before this day I wrote: "NEED. JOB. NOW. (preferably dread friendly)"  I was obviously in some desperation, honestly I think I had just been fired. lol

Sometimes FB Memories are better forgotten, but these were so sweet.  They reminded me of Jesus' faithfulness.  I didn't look for music.  Music was inside of me, when I looked for Jesus, I found the music in me.   I am still finding more and more as I know him more and more.   Sometimes I think to myself..."Is this real life?  Do I really get to do this?"   There are many adventure days and just as many days at home with my computer and guitar doing tedious/boring work, but there are lessons learned and growth in all the days, good and bad.  I am going to share my life with you in hopes to spark more life in you!

I desire to inspire people to be their truest self, so I am going to share pieces of my truest self with you!  Sometimes we have an idea of a person because of how they appear on social media, but I don't want my friends, fans, and family to have an idea of me...I want you guys to know my heart.  So I hope to be funny, encouraging, and vulnerable, and true and I hope mainly that I can inspire you to pursue your dreams as I pursue mine!


Love, Britt